Cellatoz Therapeutics, Inc. has great interests in securing unique platform technologies for the development and production of RMAT (Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy) Products, therapeutics agents employing cells, genetic materials and exosomes, and we are working on accelerating the development of innovative cell therapy products through a broad range of collaborations with various partners in universities and industries as well as in-house researches.

We have acquired proprietary platform technologies spanning from original technologies differentiating source cells into target therapeutic cells to production automation technology that will lead to innovations in therapeutic cell productions.

Direct Reprogramming/Direct Conversion

It is a process inducing a conversion of completely different types of cells from terminally differentiated cells, different from a conversion using the process of reprogramming into iPSC (inducible pluripotent stem cells). We have performed collaborative researches on this subject with several groups to assess possibility of applying such technology to develop novel cell therapies.

Chemical Conversion

It is regarded as a part of Direct Reprogramming/Direct Conversiontechnique, but it is defined as technologies using a single or combinations of multiple chemical inducer(s) to obtain target therapeutic cells through culturing source cells with such chemical inducer(s). We are working with several research groups globally in order to screen and identify novel chemical inducers modulating intracellular signaling machinery and involved in specific gene expressions of source cells.


Currently, most of cell therapy products are produced manually by skilled manufacturing persons trained in handling, collection, induction and culturing of target cells, , so that the portion of labor cost of total production cost shall be high and leads to highly expensive treatment costs of cell therapies. Further, manual manufacturing may cause different qualities of the same products manufactured by different manufacturing persons. Therefore, we are interested in and willing to expand our business into developing auto-/semi-auto cell manufacturing systems and related technologies to eliminate human errors of manufacturing persons and to secure stable quality of manufacturing cells with reduced manufacturing costs through collaborations with experts in a variety of engineering and basic sciences.