Cellatoz Therapeutics, Inc. is a biotech company developing innovative RMAT(regenerative medicine advanced therapy) programs and was established in August 2017 to develop innovative cell therapies aimed at solving unmet medical needs of intractable diseases and serious medical conditions such as spinal cord injuries, severe complex fractures in old ages and so on. The company was founded by top-notch R&D experts experiencing successful commercialization of cell therapy products in Korea and we have worked at developments of novel and unique cell therapy programs with strong capabilities in translational research and product development.

We acquired full IP rights of original technology on musculoskeletal stem cell (MSSC) capable of final differentiations from either ESCs (embryonic stem cells) or iPSCs (induced pluripotent stem cells) into ONLY cells of mesoderm-lineage tissues including bone, cartilage, tendon, muscle etc. through modulating extracellular microenvironments of MSSC and its inducing & culture methods. With this promising novel technology, we have developed therapeutic cells for both the treatment of age-related musculoskeletal diseases including severe complex fractures, degenerative osteoarthritis etc. and the recovery of periodontium tissue for the implementation of dental implants.

<Signing Ceremony for MOU with Ewha Womans University Medical Center>

Further, we have proprietary technologies to differentiate Schwann cells from various source of cells and developed a regenerative cell therapy employing Schwann cells surrounding axons of neurons in PNS (peripheral nervous system) to recover neuronal connections of damaged peripheral neurons due to accidents or diseases.

Cellatoz Therapeutics, Inc. will present unique proprietary technologies of novel cells having great therapeutic potentials to academia for the first time and develop ‘innovative cell therapies’ caring for the live of patients suffering from intractable diseases and severe disease conditions globally.