A leading global player in the development of innovative RMAT products including cell therapies, Cellatoz Therapeutics

Cellatoz Therapeutics, Inc. is working on the development and commercialization of RMAT (Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy) products including mainly cell therapies in order to provide patients suffering from intractable diseases with fundamental treatments of such diseases employing ‘regenerative therapeutic cells’.

We seek and discover novel cells able to be used as therapeutic agents by itself and/or in combinations with other matrix and therapeutic components. Further, we study characteristics of those cells deeply and explore novel technologies to differentiate and culture those therapeutic cells with safety.

Our researchers have extensive experiences in the development and commercialization of cell therapy products and have carried out translational researches to link between basic researches and clinical researches for the commercialization eventually.

We are working at developing our proprietary therapeutic cells able to treat musculoskeletal diseases, intractable neuronal diseases and adjunctive cancer therapy. We plan to expand the scope of our researches into available clinical indications, formulations and administration routes of current pipeline programs.

In addition, we are conducting exploratory researches on chemical inducer screening, gene delivery methods into target cells and so on in order to secure new technologies on therapeutic cells and cell culture methods for future pipelines.

Cellatoz Therapeutics, Inc. will grow and become a leading global player in the development of innovative RMAT products including cell therapies through these efforts in R&D.